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Nail polishes have now become a fundamental accessory in the feminine look, like bags, shoes and jewellery. The attention paid to its own nails is increasing. The ranges – colours and shades increasingly wider, offer the possibility of perfect combinations even with your outfit. Having manicured nails thanks to a nail polish that highlights the care of the nails, helps to increase the level of self-esteem and safety.

For each season there are trends in the field of nails and the gradations of nail polishes go more and more to step with fashion trends. Even in the male world, especially among younger people, there is a growing appreciation.

To keep up with the growing demands for nail polishes, IDM Automation has designed the MS-1-160, a machine designed for filling glass bottles, assembling brushes and automatically tightening caps.

Main trends in the field of nail polishes

Autumn colours, such as burgundy and terracotta, will be the protagonists of these months. In addition to them, there will be also brown, beige, olive green and milk white, a must of the period. For this year bright and warm shades, such as yellow and orange, will also stand out. They will give a touch of colour to grey and rainy days. Orange in particular is a shade that goes well with the colours of autumn outfits, characterized by the prevalence of brown and beige. Mauve will be also one of the main colours as it brings with it the delicacy of pink and the intensity of violet. Blue is one of the trendy colours in make-up and it will be well present on the nails.

Neutral nail polish shades will remain a wild card, as they perfectly match every type of outfit and occasion. Finally, red is timeless, always protagonist in every season.

Nail polishes and automation

Automating bottle filling and assembly of brushes and caps is the key to achieving fast production and excellent results. In detail, the cosmetic sector is among the main ones where the benefits offered by automation are most visible; in general, every area of beauty gets benefit from automated processes. They allow to obtain a constant control in all the supply chain and efficient results both in terms of numbers and in terms of environmental impact.

smalti automazione nail polishes automation

Stay ahead

Having fashionable nails is increasingly important for women, and not only for them, so it is essential to keep up with the demand for products related to them, such as nail polishes.

Our MS-1-160 machine is designed for filling glass bottles, assembling the brushes and tightening of caps. In addition, it is a machine that can adapt to personal needs, because it can be configured and customized with the desired options. The parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316 stainless steel and the gaskets are FDA compliant. The base on which the MS-1-160 is built is made of electro-welded steel with casings and an upper platform in stainless steel AISI 304 BA Polished. Our machine is equipped with upper perimeter protections in tempered and layered crystal, equipped with safety micro switch to protect and prevent injuries. The speed of the machine is adjustable by the operator panel and can perform up to 50 cycles per minute, depending on the size and product.

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