Who We Are

We study, design and manufacture machines, plants and automatic filling, assembly and packaging lines. IDM Automation was founded in Vigevano in 2009 as a result of the cooperation between cosmetic production companies and automation specialists, in other words the match between the specific needs of users and the most advanced technological solutions to fulfil those needs. This has resulted in the design and production of functional systems that take into account both the productivity and quality of the final output, and the ease of use by operators.

Now we are not only dealing with cosmetics and make-up. Since 2009, we have also extended our expertise and technology into other sectors such as Pharma and, at the beginning of 2021, we joined Quantix Digital, opening up to digital printing on round formats. This is why customers who come to us always find a partner who supports them in achieving their goals, especially:

  • increasing productivity with the highest attention to product quality;
  • facilitate employee operations by improving ergonomics and ease of cleaning;
  • minimize machine downtime, thanks to quick and easy changeover systems;
  • reduce operating costs.

Our plus, for your plus

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Our Key Values

We believe in the power to foresee and understand our customers’ needs, providing a highly professional, flexible and quick-response service. Quality criteria, focus on innovations in both technological and regulatory fields, and continuous improvement are our strategic mission.

Care for the Environment is an Automatic instinct

Respect for the environment, primary resources and environmental impact are values strongly linked to the world of automation.

The very nature of our processes, which involve digitization, saving time, raw materials and ultimately less waste, has a smaller ecological footprint and impact than other more energy-intensive industrial processes.

In addition, we make responsible choices that contribute to our constant commitment to an increasingly green and renewable Industry 4.0. A clear example of this is the choice of a high-performance, recyclable material such as glass for the panels of our machinery.

Or even our range of full electric machines, which are increasingly in demand because, among other things, they do not involve the risk of contamination from oil or air, in the environment and in the products, as could happen with widespread methods such as pneumatic and hydraulic.

As experienced engineers we know how to create new systems, but we are also aware that some systems, such as the eco-system and our customers’ environment, simply have to be respected.

A new face, a new phase

After years of experience in the world of Make-up and Cosmetics, how could we not give in to the temptation to give our “face” a new look?

We have added a colorful geometric element that wraps around and underlines our name. We have given more prominence and visibility to our “automation” soul, now side by side with the historic “IDM”, that comes from the names of our three founding partners. But the restyling of our logo goes far beyond aesthetics. We wanted to highlight the increasingly close collaboration between automation companies and our industry. We wanted to give importance to the value of advantages that lies in the automation of processes, to our skills extended to packaging printing, to our experience applied to continuous innovation in the Pharma and Food sectors.

It is therefore an important message, a tangible sign of our commitment to putting innovative solutions for the efficiency of various industrial processes at the center of all our projects. With the strength and expertise of a multifaceted company, able to adapt more and more to the unique needs of our international customers.