It’s about what you put in it.

Our long experience in the field of automatic filling systems has taught us that, just like the content placed into the bottles, success in this sector depends on what you put in it. For this reason, right from the start our work has always been guided by a passion for quality and attention to the specific needs of our customers, because this is the only way design and results are able to always meet the highest expectations.

macchinari per il riempimento

Automation becomes Personal

Creating state-of-the-art machines and plants in the Industry 4.0 era, capable of combining excellent performance and sustainability, means creating standard processes but at the same time solutions that are not one-size-fits-all. Indeed, it is the exact opposite.

The key is flexibility. And IDM Automation is able to offer its customers filling machines and assembly lines designed and shaped on their specific needs. Close collaboration with our customers and personalized advice are still, and increasingly, the benchmark and cornerstone of every project we undertake, whether it is a small dosing machine or a complete automated filling line.

We work alongside our customers from the initial consultancy to the definition of objectives, focusing on their real needs, up to assembly and constant support in the after-sales stages.

Flexibility knows no boundaries

It is precisely this vocation for flexibility that has allowed to evolve and expand our offerings to exciting new markets. From the world of cosmetics and make-up, which is our original core-business with machines for filling nail polish, mascara, gloss, creams and foundations bottles, we have over time opened up to new markets such as Pharma and Food and all those sectors that require automation in their production processes. For the pharmaceutical and food sectors in particular, we produce machinery for laser marking, packaging, assembly and digital printing.

Innovation is our Business

But flexibility also means being able to “read” our market, understand it thoroughly, anticipate trends and create smart solutions that simply weren’t there before.

The New Technology Department of IDM Automation is dedicated to this purpose, working with the purpose to developing 4.0 supports and systems capable to integrate our machines into a complete and connected ecosystem, functional and always user friendly.

Success comes Automatically

We don’t know if there really is a recipe for success… but we strongly believe that it comes from the combination of some simple but fundamental ingredients: experience, which allows us to move in the market as recognized leaders; flexibility, to find elegant and effective solutions in a constantly evolving world; quality, which allows us to build lasting and successful relationships; and respect for the environment and resources, where Full Electric becomes the keystone of our green commitment.

An eco-compatible approach capable of generating new wealth, in harmony with performance and quality. Because there is no future without a responsible and renewable production system. And the future is our cup of tea.

Care for the Environment is an Automatic instinct

Respect for the environment, primary resources and environmental impact are values strongly linked to the world of automation.

The very nature of our processes, which involve digitization, saving time, raw materials and ultimately less waste, has a smaller ecological footprint and impact than other more energy-intensive industrial processes. In addition, we make responsible choices that contribute to our constant commitment to an increasingly green and renewable Industry 4.0. A clear example of this is the choice of a high-performance, recyclable material such as glass for the panels of our machinery.

Or even our range of full electric machines, which are increasingly in demand because, among other things, they do not involve the risk of contamination from oil or air, in the environment and in the products, as could happen with widespread methods such as pneumatic and hydraulic.

As experienced engineers we know how to create new systems, but we are also aware that some systems, such as the eco-system and our customers’ environment, simply have to be respected.

A new face, a new phase

After years of experience in the world of Make-up and Cosmetics, how could we not give in to the temptation to give our “face” a new look?

We have added a colorful geometric element that wraps around and underlines our name. We have given more prominence and visibility to our “automation” soul, now side by side with the historic “IDM”, that comes from the names of our three founding partners. But the restyling of our logo goes far beyond aesthetics. We wanted to highlight the increasingly close collaboration between automation companies and our industry. We wanted to give importance to the value of advantages that lies in the automation of processes, to our skills extended to packaging printing, to our experience applied to continuous innovation in the Pharma and Food sectors.

It is therefore an important message, a tangible sign of our commitment to putting innovative solutions for the efficiency of various industrial processes at the center of all our projects. With the strength and expertise of a multifaceted company, able to adapt more and more to the unique needs of our international customers.