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Since the foundation of our company, at IDM Automation we have focused on the automated bottle filling process. Over the years, thanks to continuous investments in research and development, we have designed and manufactured several machines specialized in filling and dosing glass and plastic bottles.

Plastic and glass are among the most used materials for the packaging of cosmetic products, for liquid products or creamy and dense texture. For this reason, we have designed a line of machines that can fill both plastic and glass bottles, flexible and customizable.

dosaggio dosage

Reduce waste

The advantages that automation offers in the cosmetic industry are many. In fact, it allows to speed up the various stages of the production process and to optimize the time. In addition, it drastically reduces the error rate, which is higher in manual processes. Obviously, automation does not intend to put human activity in the background, but reserve to those activities where it represents added value.

When it comes to filling and dosing, a key issue is the waste of products and time in general. For this reason these phases represent a delicate step, to which proper attention must be paid. Choosing the right machinery becomes essential. IDM Automation has designed a highly professional machine that can perfectly measure quantity, thus reducing waste.

Our machine for a perfect dosage

There are several cosmetic products that come in liquid or viscous format and, among them, mascara, eyeliner, gloss and foundation are the best sellers. To simplify the process of filling, dosing and also closing bottles of all these products, IDM Automation have designed the MF-302.

In addition to adapting to a wide range of cosmetic products, the MF-302 is extremely versatile as it can fill both glass and plastic. With a productivity up to 3000 pieces per hour, it is customizable with the desired options.

Our MF-302 takes care of loading, filling and closing glass or plastic bottles, and represents an evolution of the original MF-300 and MF-301. Innovation is what distinguishes us, and every day we work to design increasingly smart and technological machines.

The MF-302 is also available in a full electric version and, in the production lines of our customers, is the perfect solution for the dosage of cosmetic products. Contact us for more information or visit our website!

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