riempimento automatizzato mascara automated filling mascara
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Automated bottle filling has always been the core business of our company, so that the first machine we created was a mascara bottle filling machine. From the original MF-300, we designed two other models, the MF-301 and the MF-302, with high technological value. At IDM Automation, however, we have not stopped innovating and thanks to continuous research and development, the new e-MF-302, a full electric filling machine for plastic and glass bottles, was born.

Automation in the cosmetic industry offers great advantages, and choosing to automate the bottle filling process can boost your business. In particular, mascara is the most loved product by women and therefore the most sold makeup in the world, so it is important to keep up with the demand and make the industrial filling process more efficient.

Types of mascara

On the market there are several types of mascara, such as waterproof mascara, water resistant, lengthening, volumizing, curving and curative, to treat brittle eyelashes. As for the colours, black is the classic colour, but you can also find mascara with more bright tones, such as blue, purple and green, or warmer as brown.

Regardless of the type and colour, the mascara is contained in plastic bottles and is applied to the upper and lower eyelashes through a brush – the most varied shapes – in synthetic fibers or silicone, incorporated into the cap.

riempimento automatizzato mascara automated filling mascara

Automation and mascara

The mascara bottle filling process involves a series of steps that include loading the bottle into the machine and checking its correct orientation. Then there is the actual phase of filling the bottle, the insertion of the wiper and the load of the cap that incorporates the brush. Finally, there are the closing, unloading and weighing phases of the bottle.

At IDM Automation, we recognize the key role of automation in the bottle filling and closing process, so over the years we have designed increasingly technological machinery. The latest machine we designed and built is the e-MF-302. This machine is the updated version of the previous MF-301 and MF-302. Entirely electric, it brings with it the most advanced automation, 4.0 interconnection and a number of advantages. Compared to the previous ones it is more performant and more respectful towards the environment, as it allows a greater energy saving. It also works extremely quietly, making the working environment more comfortable. The mirror polished stainless steel that covers the machine and the glass protections are extremely easy to clean.

The advantages of automated filling of mascara bottles are varied. For example, with regard to the process of loading the bottle into the machine, the robotic unit allows you not to have to re-equip the station when changing the formats, reducing to a minimum the intervention of the technicians.

Our e-MF-302 is one of the top models on the market today. The options with which it can be customized make it adaptable to every production need.

If you want more information about our machines do not hesitate to contact us.

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