Customer Care Service

IDM Automation, in the era of the smart factory and industry 4.0, creates modular solutions aimed at accompanying its customers in the process of governing production efficiency and management effectiveness.

The agreement allows you to better manage the technical support of your machinery and to have full and immediate usability of the flow of significant data generated by the machines themselves.

The service is carried out by technicians employed by the Contracting Company or authorized by it, remotely and/or on site, including:

  • helpline
  • remote assistance via Internet connection
  • assistance at the User’s premises
  • right of priority with respect to requests received from non-contracted parties

The main features are:

  • Single point of Contact, a single interface for collecting and managing assistance requests
  • Traceability of the status of the open request
  • Ease of finalization and reporting of interventions
  • Priority in taking charge of the intervention
  • Rates with special conditions reserved
  • Continuity and punctuality in daily production, working times and achieving objectives

For needs and information contact us on +39 392190 8961

For needs and information contact us on +39 392190 8961