pulizia cotti baked products cleaning
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Baked products cleaning has always been a difficult process to automate. The accuracy of cleaning the surface of the product has always been an obstacle for those who tried to automate this phase of the process. At IDM Automation, we have overcome the obstacle for years through the implementation of anthropomorphic robots; the increasingly advanced functionalities of the robots we use allowed us to speed up and improve the process more and more, reaching higher levels of quality and performance.

pulizia cotti baked products cleaning

Edge cleaning and surface cleaning:

When we talk about “cleaning the baked products” we refer to two phases: cleaning the edge and cleaning the surface. Our MB-02 machine performs both phases with two separate steps. The first step is the cleaning of the edge, which is carried out by means of the combined and simultaneous action of three blades at 120 °, which act with a pressure that can be set, on the edge of the baked product, rotated by a central support pin.

The second phase is much more delicate, and it concerns the cleaning of the surface of the baked product. This phase is realized by means of an anthropomorphic robot. It simulates what the operator does manually and puts the surface of the piece in contact with a sponge. According to the specific cleaning program realized and recallable by the operator panel, the baked product is cleaned on the sponge exerting more or less pressure, rotated or cleaned with a linear movement. In particular cases, the piece is cleaned with two different types of sponges: a more abrasive one and a more delicate one to obtain a perfectly smooth finish.

The advantages of automation in the baked products cleaning process

Cleaning the baked products means removing the jaggedness of edge that is created during the pressing phase. Cleaning the surface means giving the same surface of the baked product the brilliance and gloss that are darkened during the baking phase.

Often the cleaning of the baked products is done manually. At IDM Automation, we have designed a special machine, the MB-02, which intervenes in the two cleaning phases, after baking in the oven. In traditional procedures, the operator uses a scraper for cleaning the edge and a special sponge to gently remove the matte surface. Our MB-02 is equipped with anthropomorphic robots that operate on the single piece exactly as the operator would. Our machine is able to reach a productivity of 1800 pieces/hour depending on the size and on the product.

There are several benefits that can be obtained by automating the cleaning process. First of all, it eliminates a job that can be alienating for the operator. In this case, especially in single-color baked products, the manual skills don’t represent an added value, on the contrary, for example, of multi-colored baked products. Moreover, thanks to automation, it is possible to obtain a constant and objective result, that is not subject to the inevitable fatigue of the operator who performs this phase.

Thanks to our MB-02 machine you can reserve the human intervention for those activities where manual skills can determine an added value for your company and for the end customer.

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