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Counterfeiting beauty products is not only an unethical practice, it is also extremely dangerous. The chemical components of some counterfeit beauty products have been analyzed and found to contain arsenic and lead – ingredients that are definitely harmful to your health, especially when applied consistently to your skin.  

Find out how this harmful practice can be avoided with our automation equipment for the production of cosmetic packaging.  


Why is counterfeiting so common in the beauty industry?  

One of the main reasons why some buyers purchase counterfeit copies of beauty products is to save money. However, the production of “regular” cosmetic products is subjected to numerous quality controls, in compliance with current regulations. This is not the case for counterfeit products, which are often made in laboratories without any control, both in terms of hygiene standards and ingredients in the product formula.  

The consequences for health are serious and should not be underestimated. Rashes can appear, real allergic reactions or skin diseases. In short, it is preferable to buy from safe sources that guarantee the quality of the product in question.  

In addition, many years ago buying a counterfeit product was not so simple. Today, however, online counterfeiting is more widespread due to increasing digitization. In fact, these products can be found online very easily.  


The effects of counterfeiting on brands  

Research has shown that many consumers have purchased fake cosmetics and counterfeit products in general in their lifetime without their knowledge, convinced that they were original products. This happens mostly when consumers buy online, thinking they are getting the original product. The result is that many times the brand is held responsible by consumers, as they think it should take care of protecting them from this risk.  

Counterfeiting certainly does not have a positive effect on brand image. This is why it is important to make consumers aware of this dynamic and the risks they face by purchasing counterfeit cosmetic products.  


How automation systems can solve this problem  

In this sense, the automation of machinery in the cosmetics sector, and not only cosmetics, allows brands to have greater control over internal production, thus making it possible to overcome this problem.  

In fact, even packaging plays an important, if not fundamental, role in the success of cosmetics. Proper packaging prevents product deterioration.  

Moreover, a well-made packaging with solid and resistant materials, thanks to the help of automation systems, allows to avoid possible breakages or damages and contaminations to the product. As a result, the health of the consumer is safe, as well as that of the employees. In contrast, fake cosmetics often have poor packaging made from non-durable materials.  

Another common aspect of counterfeiting concerns cosmetic labels. The original ones are replaced by very similar labels indicating the same ingredients, even though the cosmetics are actually counterfeit.  

Our automation equipment, which allow to laser engrave directly the packaging of the product, or print it digitally, are a valid solution to this problem 


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