automazione processi carico automation processes load
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Automation, in the assembly processes of the different parts that make up syringes and insulin pens, plays an increasingly important role. An increasing automation in terms of speed and production quality is the basis of the most modern assembly plants.

IDM Automation, in addition to the cosmetic and food sectors, offers customized solutions and state-of-the-art systems that allow to optimize the production processes also in the pharmaceutical sector.

automazione processi carico automation processes load

Technology of IDM Automation

IDM Automation has automated the assembly, the loading and unloading process of syringe bodies, caps and other components, integrating existing systems, with handling activities carried out in a totally automatic way.

In detail, IDM Automation automated the loading operations of the bodies of insulin pens creating a system that integrates two robots. An anthropomorphic robot takes care of the removal of the bodies from the trays and loads them on an indexed shuttle transport system, whereas a second robot, scara, takes the single body and transfers it to the machine where it will be completed with the assembly of additional components. Moreover, a system of unstack of the filled trays and subsequent re-stacking of the empty trays, completes the operating unit. Obviously this process is adaptable according to specific customer requirements: the technology of IDM Automation allows the system described to process the amount of syringe bodies required by the assembly plant itself.

The advantages of Automation

In sectors such as the pharmaceutical one automation has almost completely replaced manual assembly activities. However, this is certainly not the case for many other sectors. The automation applied to the loading, unloading and assembly processes allows to obtain various benefits. For example, it allows a reduction of the arduous work for the operators to concentrate their activities in areas with greater added value. That means those where manual skills are a real competitive advantage. The automation of the above mentioned processes also leads to more precise results and the elimination of the subjectivity implicit in human activity. All this is, of course, Industy 4.0 compliant; the company collects and manages data and production batches. Furthermore Industry 4.0 allows IDM Automation to have remotely, upon customer authorization, the full management and control of the systems.

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