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Why choose automated packaging machinery?  

The beauty market is very dynamic and, given the large offer, customers expect more quality and adequate quantities from you. If you want to be a cutting-edge company, it is necessary to make the production process of your product suitable for the needs of the market, without risking losing opportunities due to too high or particularly volatile demand.  

Automation systems have modularity as their strong point. IDM Automation creates finished machines that produce packaging ready for delivery, avoiding time-consuming and resource-intensive intermediate steps.  

The material with which our machines are made makes them sturdy, resistant, and long-lasting. Each machine is equipped with high-precision dosing systems.   

Over the years we have observed that the use of automated machinery has led to more and more optimization of the material. The machine, in fact, if managed by qualified staff, does not make mistakes, reducing the waste of material and avoiding errors.   

In addition, 4.0 filling machines make work safe, fast and of high quality, putting employees first and making them feel comfortable at work.  


MFM-540, all the benefits  

If you want to maximize workplace safety, reduce material waste and be more environmentally friendly, the MFM-540 is one of the best liquid and semi-liquid filling machines on the market.  

The packaging of your product is its business card, and quality always makes the difference. In order not to give up on quantity, not to compromise on market demands, and not to lose possible earnings, you can equip yourself with an automation system, the solution to combine the ever-increasing demand for packaging quality and product quantity 

The MFM-540 is, among the 4.0 filling machines, the one we are most proud of.   

Made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, the machine is fully automated in the feeding, loading of bottles and dispensers. These specific features make it suitable for the packaging of liquid products, with an optimal and functional result.  

This filling and capping machine works thanks to a high-precision oval transport system, which can be controlled thanks to the touch screen control panel.  

Its special design ensures maximum ease of cleaning during the production phase. The MFM-540 produces up to 3600 pieces per hour, processing six jars per cycle. The main electrical movements allow and guarantee maximum working precision.  


Would you like to know more about this machine? Have a look at the technical sheet.  


Why is a machine with these characteristics useful? The answer lies in the quality of production and the improvement of the result. Automation systems of this type lead operativity towards a necessary innovation.  

Do you want to take your company to a new level? Want to know more about our innovative machinery? Contact us. 

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