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Innovation Day 2022 took place last Thursday 22 September. Innovation Day is the event dedicated to operators of cosmetic industry. The main theme of the event was sustainability, in terms of circular economy.

Also this year, IDM Automation had the opportunity to join the event, presenting its latest novelties and getting information on the main themes and innovations of beauty sector.

Nowadays sustainability is a focal point and ecological transition is becoming a prerogative for many companies. The increasing regulations are limiting industries and the beauty sector; furthermore, consumers’ needs have changed.

Consumers today are more willing to sacrifice their wide choice and even to pay more for beauty products.

They are willing to do this only if they get the guarantee that the products they have bought come from a brand which is responsibly towards the environment.

Consumers’ expectations

The data collected by Cosmetica Italia and our participation in the Innovation Day support this thesis and show that in the last two years the attention to the problems of pollution and climate change is growing.

Consumers feel responsible for the consequences on the environment that their purchase choices have, so they get more information on products and brands from which they decide to buy.

50% of Italian people are willing to adopt a more attentive and respectful behaviour towards environment. This brings to a less use of plastic in the daily life. Moreover, consumers are more willing to buy from brands which adopt strict environmental policies, even if this means spending more.

Nine out of ten consumers expect transparency and sustainability in beauty products.

They better appreciate products and packaging made of recycled material, recyclable and reusable. Today’s consumer is a circular and packaging-oriented consumer. This means he gives high priority to the packaging components of the beauty product.

Particularly, consumers appreciate minimal packaging, whenever possible, with specific indications on the top about the correct disposal of the product, following the separate collection.

Benefits of ecological transition for industries

According to several ESG studies– Environmental, Social and Governance – ecological transition represents a business accelerator for industries, it reduces costs and helps to improve the company turnover.

Changes in consumer buying behaviour strength the need for the companies to increase their engagement towards responsible commercial practices. Increasingly, companies of all sectors started to work to adopt circular economy as a greater opportunity to drive the growth and business competitiveness.

The tendency to use sustainable materials and practices has been also found in the food industry, in the beauty industry and in the pharmaceutical one. These sectors focused on the use of sustainable materials.

How IDM Automation can help you

IDM Automation can help you and support in the ecological transition.

We build innovative machines and systems able to automate packaging production processes in every sector, be it cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food.

Automation ensures a productivity increase together with a significant reduction of waste, thanks to the operational precision of machines. In this way the human intervention can focus on the most important themes.

Directly from the Italian Cosmetic Valley Ivan Riboni, who is the Polo Tecnologico della Cosmesi board and CEO of IDM Automation – protagonist of the filling machines market and assembly lines with a strong level of automation – expresses great satisfaction for the event. “The novelties presented, the focus on important themes of sustainability and the recovery of relationship in the presence – the remote ones never stopped – give us the right motivation and confidence in the future. We believe in development and in the constant innovation of Italian industry for the cosmetic packaging, and we don’t stop looking forward.

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