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Hosted by the Showroom Autotorino Crema, September 2023

In the picturesque heart of Italy’s renowned cosmetics sector, the Showroom Autotorino proudly presented its annual Innovation Day this September, with a spotlight on a theme of paramount importance: Sustainability. As the world pivots towards more eco-conscious practices, the cosmetics industry stands at the forefront of innovation, crafting solutions that not only enhance beauty but also protect our planet.

Embracing Sustainability: A Core Mission

The event unfolded within the historical ambiance of Crema, where industry leaders, pioneering researchers, and eco-conscious entrepreneurs gathered under the banner of sustainable development. This year’s Innovation Day was not just an event; it was a clarion call to integrate sustainability into the very DNA of corporate operations. Our focus was on illuminating the path for businesses to transition towards more sustainable models, reducing environmental footprints while enhancing economic viability.

A Commitment of IDM Automation to the Future

Innovation Day on sustainability reaffirmed the sector’s commitment to a greener future. It highlighted the critical need for businesses to embrace eco-friendly practices not just as a trend, but as a fundamental aspect of their operations. IDM Automation, through collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision, poised to lead by example, proving that beauty and sustainability can go hand in hand. Together, let’s pave the way for a more sustainable and beautiful world. We presented our range of full electric machines, which are increasingly in demand because, among other things, they do not involve the risk of contamination from oil or air, in the environment and in the products, as could happen with widespread methods such as pneumatic and hydraulic. As experienced engineers we know how to create new systems, but we are also aware that some systems, such as the eco-system and our customers’ environment, simply have to be respected. In addition, we make responsible choices that contribute to our constant commitment to an increasingly green and renewable Industry 4.0. A clear example of this is the choice of a high-performance, recyclable material such as glass for the panels of our machinery.

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