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A successful beauty product is certainly appreciated for its formulation and effectiveness, and many studies have shown that even packaging plays a key role in sales. First impressions count! In a market full of offers and news, where it is increasingly difficult to get noticed, packaging can be the differentiating element.

Products packaging affects consumers’ perceptions, encouraging or discouraging them from making the purchase.

Companies are working to ensure that the packaging of cosmetic products is unmistakable; here are some tips.

Make packaging more technological

The technology of packaging for cosmetics has evolved exponentially in recent years. Consumers can find information about products quickly and easily by simply framing the packaging with their smartphone.

QR Codes are the simplest among the possibilities offered by the technology for the packaging of products. Customers who frame these codes can connect to your website or to social media channels, participate in promotions or respond to a survey. In addition, the QR codes also help with products logistics, management and monitoring.

Play with the visual stimuli

Marketing psychology teaches that people respond to visual stimuli at the subconscious level. So, making your product visually stimulating with eye-catching graphics and colours will allow you to capture the attention of consumers more easily.

However, it is important to maintain a certain consistency with the colour palette that characterizes your brand identity, in order to always convey a cohesive image.

The colour you decide to choose as a spokesperson for your identity should not be random because it conveys, indirectly, many details about your company. For example, red is unconsciously associated with strong emotions such as love and passion, or anger, blue to trust and serenity, green to nature, growth and safety.

Pay attention to the printer

The font style you choose for the design of your cosmetic packaging is also crucial. It will have a very strong impact on the message you want to convey. Make sure your packaging typography is easy to read and is able to communicate your brand the way you want it to be perceived.

Like colours, typefaces send messages. For example, “Serif” characters, that means graced, transmit reliability and solidity, while the decorative ones convey a more playful and creative image.



Don’t neglect sustainability

Many companies have already moved towards sustainable packaging. Not only because it is the trend of the moment, but also because it is what most consumers perceive as a prerogative of today’s companies. A brand that can communicate effectively its commitment to the environment is a step ahead of its competitors.

Try to be sustainable not only in the materials you use, but also by collaborating with automated machinery experts such as IDM Automation who cares about our Planet.

At IDM, we will allow you to innovate your cosmetics packaging by exploiting the power of automation, a key feature of our machines for packaging. Thanks to automation you can significantly reduce waste and increase the effectiveness of your business, improving industrial performance and reducing human errors.

For example, among our machines there is the vertical cartoner CSS-120 that automates the load, automatically closes the upper and lower edges of the cases and unloads them, in an orderly manner, on an output belt. In addition, with the laser marking of our LS-80 machine you can customize any barcode, production batch, expiration date and all the necessary information. All these phases can be implemented directly in the machine without further steps for the preparation of the cases themselves.

If you want to know more do not hesitate to contact us and visit our website to not miss the latest news on the world of automation.

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