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The success of Cosmoprof 2022  

The 53rd edition of Cosmoprof ended successfully after 4 days of exhibitions and events. It was a unique opportunity for us to show the public our innovations signed IDM Automation. We had the pleasure of presenting our new digital printing machines and tube-filling machines in collaboration with Quantix Digital, and we were impressed by the number of visitors coming to our stand. Cosmoprof was a great opportunity to present our new image and gave us the opportunity to preview the cosmetics industry trends for 2022.  


This year’s cosmetics trends   

In today’s article, we want to share the valuable information we gathered from Cosmoprof 2022, presenting the main trends in the cosmetics industry this year. The watchwords will definitely be: digital, sustainability and armocromia.  


Invest in digital  

Digital is a trend in the cosmetics industry that continues to grow, especially after the boost provided by the pandemic. It represents a tool that if used with awareness can be really useful for companies in the cosmetic industry.   

Its advantages are countless. First of all, it acts as an integrative tool for the services offered by cosmetic companies, allowing to further develop the dialogue with customers. In addition, investing in digital in the beauty industry also means being able to communicate your uniqueness and differences from your competitors. In fact, we are increasingly dealing with consumers who are more and more aware and eager to receive as much information as possible about the services they want to use.  


Sustainability and clean beauty  

Other growing trends in the cosmetics sector are those of so-called “clean beauty” and sustainability. Clean beauty consists in the creation of products with a very clean INCI. Therefore, more and more cosmetics are being created which are free from possibly irritating agents and toxic components such as formaldehyde or parabens, the most commonly used.  


More and more cosmetic companies are approaching the trend of sustainability. Being a beauty salon that pays attention to sustainability means relying on experts in the production chain who in return adopt sustainable behaviors. Sustainability is concretely verifiable through certifications such as ISO or ECOCERT, which protect the quality of the production chain. In practice, it is achieved by using ingredients of natural origin and sustainable or recyclable packaging. It is also very important to reduce (if not eliminate) the use of plastic, using innovative automation systems.  

For example, IDM Automation’s machines not only allow you to determine the quantities produced according to need and thus reduce waste, but also allow you to engrave packaging with laser marking machines or to print round packaging digitally, as with the new Printing & Filling presented at the fair, eliminating labels altogether and optimizing the filling process.  


Trendy beauty services  


An emerging cosmetic industry trend is that of Armocromia or color harmony. Armocromia is a technique that can be applied to many areas (from interior design to photography to make-up) and literally means color harmony. It consists in recreating color palettes that are harmonious and pleasing to the eye.

Color matching applied to people consists in combining the natural colors of the face and skin with colors that enhance their beauty, in order to maximize their potential. It is possible to book a consultation session with a beauty expert who will give you advice on this subject.  


The tools of the future  


Finally, let’s take a look at the tools of the future for the industry, such as management software. ERPs are management programs that are used for optimizing resources and maximizing results. They are installed on the end user’s device or on a cloud, which allows them to be used via a browser from anywhere that has an Internet connection.   

The advantages of such tools are endless. First of all, the electronic appointment book of a beauty salon, for example, can be managed much more efficiently using all the working hours of the employees. Intelligent software can automatically calculate the time for each session and show the customer the available booking slots. In addition, through the management software it is possible to let the clients book their own appointment independently. The software is also able to collect customer data useful for marketing campaigns, and to send a text message reminder of the appointment.   

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