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Industrial liquid fillers are machines that make a significant contribution to improving the efficiency of the production line. Thanks to their multiple functions, they are able to reduce production costs exponentially.

The advantages of choosing filling machines for the packaging of liquid cosmetics are many and in today’s article we go into the main aspects that make filling machines the solution for creating optimal packaging.

Ensuring greater accuracy

The first advantage of using a filling machine is precision. Filling containers by hand or without appropriate technology can lead to inconsistencies between the quantities of product in different containers.

When it comes to filling, the quantity must be precise, since the product must not reach the edge of the container, nor must it be present in excessively small quantities. For this reason, using machines with a high level of automation for the filling and packaging of liquid cosmetics guarantees maximum precision so that each container is filled with the same quantity of product.

Increased production speed

Filling machines have the ability to fill more containers faster than manual production. The speed depends on the machine and also on the viscosity of the liquid to be inserted.

For example, IDM Automation’s automatic filling and capping machine, the MFM-540 is suitable for packaging liquid products and is capable of processing six jars per cycle, with a maximum output of up to 3600 pieces per hour.

Our filling and capping machine is equipped with a simple and intuitive touch screen control panel to ensure easy operation. In addition, the machine design is specially designed to ensure ergonomics and ease of cleaning.

Long-term use

Industrial fillers are designed and built to last longer without wear. With proper maintenance checks, you can save time and energy on your daily expenses.

Our MFM-540 is made of materials such as stainless steel and anodized aluminum for maximum durability.

Versatility of filling

Our fillers don’t just bottle the same type of product in the same type of container. They are innovative machines able to fill different types of containers with different types of liquid and different viscosities. It is a versatile machine suitable for filling any type of cosmetic for body and face care, and not only.

Rely on filling machines from IDM Automation

Our automatic filling and capping machines such as the MFM-540 are automatic machines with high-precision fluid dosing systems, suitable for packaging liquid cosmetic products. It is a fully automatic machine in the feeding and loading of bottles and dispensers, whose main movements are electromechanical, precisely to guarantee maximum working precision.

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