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Why it is important to take care of food packaging  

Food packaging is very useful in telling and conveying the brand story. It also provides a real opportunity for brands to connect with consumers and, through packaging, communicate additional interesting information to them, in addition to nutritional information.   

Sustainability, in particular, is one of the issues dearest to shoppers. It therefore becomes essential to communicate and display respect for the environment right from the packaging of your product. In fact, recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging can reduce the size of landfills, preserve natural resources, and help your brand get closer to people’s hearts.  


The dual role of packaging  

We all know the main role of packaging, which is the most practical one, namely to preserve the quality, safety of food and to reduce food waste. The functional properties of packaging depend on the characteristics, requirements and properties of the food.  

In addition, packaging and wrapping are essential in addressing the key challenges of sustainable food consumption, which is concerned with minimizing the environmental footprint.   

Innovative and sustainable food packaging aims to address the reduction of waste and plastic use by providing environmentally sustainable materials that preserve food quality in the same way as plastic.   

Studies have shown how a large number of consumers are more likely to buy food products from companies that work to reduce their environmental impact from an environmentally sustainable perspective. Precisely because these are products created and purchased in large quantities, intervening in the packaging by making it more sustainable is the winning choice.  

However, the practical aspect is not the only function of packaging. The secondary role involves aesthetics and the psychological aspect related to it.   

Packaging design has increasingly become a subject of study by marketing experts. Aesthetics plays a very important role in the success of a product. Very often it happens that a product is preferred to another in the same range solely because of its attractive and pleasing packaging, which intrigues consumers.   

The greater the attention paid to the aesthetics of the packaging, the greater the chance that the product in question will be chosen over other brands that present products in standardized packaging, even if the price should be significantly lower.  


Rely on IDM Automation for innovative and sustainable food packaging  

As a result of increasing involvement and attention to sustainability issues, we at IDM Automation have decided to reduce the use of plastic for our packaging production machines, preferring materials that do not harm the environment, but at the same time are durable, such as glass.   

In addition, the machines we can dedicate to food packaging can perform multiple functions, including filling, tubing, capping, and laser engraving of information directly onto the pack, or even digitally printing round packaging, condensing it all into a single line. Printing & Filling is, in fact, a new production concept, combining bottle printing with bottle filling. All this will allow you to shorten time and also optimize costs related to logistics, again decreasing the environmental impact.  


If you are interested in our innovative industrial plants and would like to learn more about them, contact us here,  or visit our website.  


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