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The tenth edition of SPS Italia  

After two years of inactivity due to the pandemic, the tenth edition of SPS Italia, the trade show dedicated to automation and digital transformation, is finally back. It is a favorable environment for making connections, discovering new trends and the latest in automation and industrial technology.  

Key trends in the smart industry  

This year’s edition focused on the latest trends that are shaping the smart industry.  

These include the rising field of digital and industrial software, essential elements for any company that wants to aim for greater competitiveness and development. It was therefore possible to meet at the fair leading companies specializing in software development, cybersecurity, big data analysis, augmented reality and much more.  

A second trend that characterized this 10th edition of SPS Italia is automation, which is advancing rapidly. Participating in the fair allowed us to discover the latest innovations in this sector and attend demos in District 4.0 

Additive technologies are also spreading on a large scale in a rapid and revolutionary way. It was possible to witness and touch the innovations of this trend, such as 3D printing, also inside District 4.0.  

Finally, among the most recurrent and transversal trends in all fields of action we identified that of industrial sustainability. In this regard, SPS Italia decided to create a real desk dedicated to consulting and information retrieval on ecological transformation in industry.  

The voice of the women’s community at this edition  

SPS has developed a project aimed at highlighting SPS Italia’s women’s network. It includes all women, from journalists to entrepreneurs, who are involved in and working in the field of automation and innovation.  

It is a real community of professional women who told their stories and paths, giving voice to female talent in the field of technology for industry.  

IDM Automation participated as an exhibitor  

The IDM Automation team participated as an exhibitor, as a partner of Mitsubishi Electric, to showcase our automation systems. 

Those who decided to visit us at the fair were able to personally witness the operation of our new Printing & Filling line, PF-220. In fact, it is already highly appreciated for its ability to simplify and speed up the process of digital printing, filling and capping of any type of packaging up to 250ml.  

It is a true technological innovation, a new concept, comprising a collaborative anthropomorphic robot that makes it possible to link the different functions of the production line, optimizing logistics and making efficient a process that would otherwise be delegated to several machines, sometimes in different physical locations. Ivan Riboni, CEO of IDM Automation, addresses, as the event comes to a close, “a special thank you to Mitsubishi Electric for their hospitality at their booth and for the positive feedback from so many visitors, proving that the best results come from partnerships between companies.”  

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