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Automated technologies have enormous potential. Some worry about over-reliance on automation and the possibility of having negative effects on the economy and the workforce.

However, this is not the case.

Automated technologies are not intended to replace human labor; rather, they are created to complement what is already there by eliminating human error.

Automation simply creates more efficiency to make the experience safer.

Why automation is useful in pharma

In the pharmaceutical industry, despite all the strict regulations, dosing errors can still occur. When this happens, pharmaceutical companies risk fines, recalls, and reputational damage.

Recalls carry large financial costs that can be a huge burden for any pharmaceutical company to bear.

Errors in labeling are also recurrent. Mislabeled pharmaceutical products can have major consequences, both in terms of consumer safety and brand image. One of the most critical consequences that can occur is compromising end-user safety.

Patients must be able to trust the medications they are taking, their dosage, and their correct labeling to avoid misuse. These errors can result in unwanted symptoms or in more serious cases, hospitalization.

Industrial automation systems are the solution

It is therefore crucial to find a way to prevent these types of errors.

One solution lies in automation with the goal of reducing error rates to almost zero. Adopting automation can be a way to safeguard the public and maintain high pharmaceutical product quality, compliance and productivity.

Our pharmaceutical smart packaging and automated filling machines represent added value for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries.

At IDM Automation, we offer 360-degree solutions for your pharmaceutical production. With our solutions we will enable your company to increase the speed and accuracy of your smart packaging filling, capping and etching processes.

Implementing automation will help you meet strict regulatory and compliance standards. Automated process techniques will give you the accuracy of weighing, mixing and packaging, and filling pharmaceutical products.

If you would like to learn more visit our website or contact us.

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